Stage1 Consultation UPDATE

We have been reviewing you’re your feedback in detail, considering your concerns on the bus station and are working up a new masterplan – take a look at our short video providing an update on our proposals.

July Update

We wanted to get in touch following our last update in May to provide a brief update for you on how we are progressing our design proposals for the North Street Regeneration, as we have been working hard in the background in progressing our designs for this exciting project.

Following the consultation responses received earlier this year, there was a considerable amount for the design team to think through, particularly in relation to how the bus station fits into our wider proposals.

The feedback was clear with us that our proposition to move the bus station to Leapale Road needed further thought. We have revisited this fundamental component of our masterplan and worked with the Council to redesign our scheme to incorporate an upgraded bus station in its current location.

We are hopeful we will be able to present a new masterplan in the summer.

We hope that you will find our new proposals as exciting as we do and when we do share these, we very much hope you will provide us with as detailed and considered feedback as you did earlier this year. Thank you for taking the time to read this short update, we will be in contact again very soon.
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