We have received many excellent ideas and we hope to answer your questions below as best we can at this stage. Thank you for taking the time to submit your questions to us.
Please continue to do so, as this page will be regularly updated throughout the planning and consultation process.

What will the scheme be used for besides homes?


St Edward wants to deliver an exciting, successful and vibrant place. We believe the ground floor of this scheme has the potential to be used for a variety of different uses, which provide activities at all different times of the day. 

We welcome ideas from the community as to what kind of uses you would want to see here. What do you think Guildford needs that could be accommodate on this development?

Will there be public green space?


Given the urban nature of the site, a large expanse of open green space may not be appropriate, however St Edward prides itself on investing in, and designing, high-quality public realm with a commitment to green landscaping and biodiversity net gain.

We believe the public realm could incorporate semi-mature trees and green features to create an attractive and pleasant environment. There is also the potential for other green features, such as green rooves. What would you like to see in our scheme?

Will there be provision for education and healthcare facilities?


As a part of this initial consultation, we are interested in understanding what the needs and wants of the community are when it comes to ground floor uses. Education and healthcare is certainly an option for some of the ground floor uses and we would welcome people’s views on whether this is something we should provide.

How many homes are you building?


We are not yet at the stage where we know how many homes are going to be delivered on this site. We are at a very early stage in the planning process and that is to be determined in conjunction the planning authority. We hope to be able to detail this information very soon.

What types of homes are you building?


We are very interested in your views as to what kind of homes we could provide here. The exact mix of homes has not be determined, and we welcome your thoughts on the type of homes you would like to see, from starter homes to downsizer apartments.

How many affordable homes are you building?


We are unable to confirm the number of affordable homes at this stage, however we will be working closely with Guildford Borough Council to deliver affordable housing on-site.

How will you protect existing businesses and shops in Guildford and ensure you don’t take business from the High Street?


We understand the existing businesses along the high street and throughout the town centre are a vital part of the community. We want to ensure that the development proposals at North Street compliment rather than detract from the existing offering in the town centre.
That is why the proposed ground floor uses are considered extremely carefully, in close conjunction with the community and the planning authority.

Will there be parking available to residents?


It is likely that we will be providing some parking for residents in a basement car park.
Due to the town centre location, proximity to the train station, and new bus station, we want to encourage our residents to utilise these excellent public transport opportunities to promote a greener and more sustainable way of living.

Will there be parking available to the public?


We are not currently proposing any parking be made available for the public, as we want to encourage the community to utilise the excellent public transport options available to them in the town centre including the modern, high-quality new bus terminal.

Will there be space available underground at the site and how will this be used?


It is likely we will utilise the existing topography of the site, and have space underground to accommodate residential parking, cycle storage, refuse areas, and mechanical and engineering equipment for the buildings.

How can I give feedback on the development and designs?


You can give your feedback on our website, either using the online forms or by contacting our team using the contact details published there. Please sign up to our mailing list too so we can share our updates with you over the coming weeks and months.

What are you doing to make development sustainable?


Sustainability is extremely important to St Edward and the Berkeley Group. We will subject the project to a zero-carbon transition plan, which we do on all of our schemes, which will explore how we can deliver the right infrastructure now to ensure developments are resilient to future changes.

We want our development to utilise low carbon technologies, and the homes are ‘zero carbon ready’.

For further information on the Berkeley Group’s commitment to sustainability and addressing climate change, please see our corporate website.

Will the designs respect other building styles in Guildford?


Our architects have been extensively researching the local area to begin understanding what styles and materials would have their place on the buildings we propose.

We welcome your thoughts on what architectural styles that you would like to see here. We have provide three examples to give a flavour of what these styles could look and feel like, what do you think?

St Edward will ensure that whichever style or styles is chosen, the architecture will be high quality, and the development will be something the community can be proud of for generations to come.

How does this development fit into the town centre masterplan?


We are working closely with the planning authority to ensure that our emerging designs and masterplan is delivered in a manner consistent with the aspirations of the town centre plans where appropriate

Will you improve pedestrian connectivity between the bus station and Guildford train station?


We are looking at how our development will fit into its surroundings. This includes connectivity with neighbouring roads and streets.
Whilst improving connectivity to the train station is mostly outside of our current ownership boundary, we will be consulting with the planning team to ensure we are enhancing the town centre where we can.

Why are you keeping the bus station on this site but moving its location?


We believe reproviding the bus station is important to ensure that sustainable modes of transport are provided to the community when redeveloping this site.

We believe that moving the bus station to the eastern side is the right design solution, to provide pedestrian connectivity with the Friary Centre next door, however we welcome people’s thoughts and suggestions on our proposals.

What are you doing about traffic on site?


Our proposals include removing the surface level car parks and stopping up the current roads. The development will be accessible by pedestrians and cyclists, however we want to encourage the community to use public transport and greener means of travel where we can.

If traffic is no longer allowed to travel through the site, what is being done to manage the displaced cars?


We are undertaking detailed survey work and modelling with Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council to ensure that our proposals will not have a strategic impact on the road network.

How tall will the buildings be? Are taller buildings necessary?


We are not yet progressed enough through the planning process to confirm the height or scale of the development. We will ensure that our proposals will take into account the context of Guildford, protecting its heritage assets and considering the strategic views both in and out of the town centre.

We do believe there are parts of the site, which are more suitable to accommodate height than others, for example it will be less appropriate to have taller buildings immediately adjacent to North Street but more appropriate towards 1 Onslow Street.

When will building start and complete?


We anticipate submitting a full planning application in summer 2021. This should mean that construction commences in Autumn 2022. Given the complexity of the development, we believe it should take circa 8 years to complete, meaning by 2030 the last spade should be out of the ground.

We will seek to improve efficiencies wherever we can to ensure the disruption to the community is minimal as possible.

Have you considered tools like Vu.City for consultation purposes?


We are working with companies like Vu.City to create modern and visual aids to assist the public in seeing and understanding our design proposals. We believe these tools are extremely useful to contextualise designs, and we very much hope to roll out such a tool when we are progressed enough.

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